Hero MotorCorp increased its sales by 15.3% from the previous year's February 2022 to 3,82,317 in February 2023.

Honda decreased its sales figure by 12.5% from last year and had sales of 2,27,084 last month.

TVS is up 27.8% from last month, to a sales figure of 2,21,402 last month.

Bajaj Auto sold 1,20,335 two-wheelers last month.

Royal Enfield sold 64,436 bikes last month, a growth of 23.6% from last year.

Suzuki is on a loss of 10.5% from the last year with sales of 52,455 as of February 2023.

Yamaha sold 39,397 motorcycles last month, up 13.2% from February 2022.

Ather is an electric brand that sold 12,147 bikes in February of this year, a 457.7% increase from February of last year.

Okinawa has no strong product for Indian Two Mobile, even though it is an electric brand and sold 6,726 vehicles last month with a loss of 32.1 percent from last year.

Piaggio is another loss-making electric brand in India, with sales of only 2,900 scooters last month and a loss of 43.1%.

Kawasaki sold 375 bikes in the luxury segment.

Triumph is another luxury-segment brand with a loss of 11.2% from last year and a sale of 87 bikes last month.

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