Maruti Suzuki EVX electric car in India – Launch date 2025 | Auto Expo 2023

The Maruti Suzuki EVX, the company’s first electric vehicle, will be displayed at the 2023 Auto Expo. Regarding the SUV segment, Maruti is giving a big package to its buyers. The car will fit in the Hyundai Creta and KIA Seltos rival bracket with a length of 4300mm, a width of 1800mm, and a height of 1600mm.

The wheel size will be approximately 16–17 inches, and there will be a 4×4 version with off-road capability. The door handle for the vehicle looks like what we see in the Mahindra XUV700. Roof rails with a sloping style are aerodynamic and also look sportier. The car is notable for its aver all approach dimensions. 

Maruti SUzuki EVX
Maruti Suzuki EVX

Range and Battery Pack of Maruti Suzuki EVX

The battery pack for Maruti Suzuki EVX is 60 kWh claimed range of 550km. Batteries will be sourced from BYD. the company will invest 100 billion in this project. So many charging stations will be installed in the future.

Manufacturing of the vehicle and batteries will be completely in India. So it will be cheaper than the other cars available right now. All we know is that Maruti made the vehicle for the Indian customer budget. That’s why the assurance in the market is 44%. Apart from that, the range of Maruti is more than other cars available in the market now.


The launch of the car will be from January to march 2025 with an all-new plate form. Front Sharp LEDs headlamp with fog lamp and also rear connected tail lights. Daytime running LEDs light. Sportier spoilers look alike, somehow Magnate and Kiger. The pre-production model will also be launched very soon. Then it will go to the final product next year expected. The design of the vehicle will follow its legacy as it was earlier.


Every car manufacturer offers all those features that we can expect in the new Maruti Suzuki SUVs, like Adas, Connected car technology, Six airbags, 360* cameras, A panoramic sunroof, An infotainment system, Light steering, A cooled glove box, ventilated seats, Roomy interior, Comfortable riding, Reliability, and many more. So Maruti Suzuki will also introduce these features to its new EVs. 


Earlier, only a few dominant players were ruling the electric market, like TATA, Mahindra, MG, KIA, Mercedes-Benz, etc. As a result, Maruti is transitioning all of its first-generation diesel vehicles to gasoline, CNG, hybrids, and now electric. In comparison to the MG, the ZS EV has a 50.3KWH battery pack and a range of 461 kilometers.

Also, Tata Nexon EVs have a 30.2 kWh battery with a 312 km range, and their upcoming car, the Curvv, claims a range of 500 km on a single charge. Maruti Suzuki’s new EVs will give more than expected. Now it’s time for EVs. All we know is that electricity is the future. There are also new players, such as the Citreon C3 EV, which will compete with Maruti when it launches in January. 


By introducing its brand-new electric SUV at the 2023 Auto Expo, Maruti Suzuki is playing a big hand. The car is no doubt beautiful. But the launch is too late. In the next two years, numerous automobiles will be introduced. Citreon is also in the mood to launch this month. This is the electric vehicle’s breakthrough.

So many strong candidates are also launching into this gap. Mahindra is also launching its strong product, the XUV300 EV, this month. All we have to know is its price. But Maruti launches its vehicle very aggressively. I’m hoping the car will generate the same amount of buzz as it does now. What do you say?

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