The Honda Activa Smart Key (H-Smart) with keyless entry is available for Rs. 80,537/-

Honda Activa key smart

Finally, Honda has launched the Honda Activa smart key with “H-Smart” technology. The scooter is made for modern society. Along with many smart features. Which are all contained in a single smart key, similar to cars. You can accomplish many things with this key.

The dimensions of the vehicle remain the same, with Overall dimensions are 1833 mm long, 697 mm wide, and 1156 mm tall. The wheelbase is 1260 mm, the ground clearance is 162 mm, and the seat length is 692 mm.

The fuel tank capacity is 5.3 liters. This is a 109.51 cc 4-stroke engine with a maximum net power of 5.77 kW at 8000 rpm and a maximum net torque of 8.90 Nm at 5500 rpm. The boot space is 18 litres under the seat.

Honda Activa Smart Key
Credit: Honda

Key Features in Honda Activa Smart Key

Smart Start:

Credit: Honda

No need to pick the key out of your pocket. The sensor will automatically activate when you come near the scooter. You kept keys in your pocket to start and stop the scooter’s ignition and go for the ride.

Smart Safe:

Credit: Honda

This antitheft system equips your scooter with a Honda Advance Immobilizer. The scooter will automatically stop as it goes above the 2-meter range because the key must be present with the scooter while you are driving.

Smart Find:

Credit: Honda

This feature will help you when you park your scooter in a congested parking area or somewhere in dark conditions. You have the option of an “answer back” button on your key. The scooter will blink twice along with all four indicators within a range of 10 meters.

Smart Unlock: 

Credit: Honda

With smart unlock, you can unlock your seat, fuel cap, and handle with just one click on your key within 2 meters.

Tires and Alloy wheels:

Credit: Honda

Honda compound technology has developed new tubeless tyres for improved road grip and fuel efficiency.Tubeless tyres in front and rear: 90/90-12 54J in front and 90/100-10 53J in back. Both the front and rear are drum brakes.

Credit: Honda

You have a telescoping front and a 3-step adjustable suspension (unit swing) in the rear.

Colour Optioins in Honda Activa Smart Key

The Honda Activa Key Smart comes in six colour options, including Excellent Blue Metallic, Pearl Siren Blue, Black, Pearl Precious White, Rebel Red Metallic, and Mat Axis Grey Metallic.

Credit: Honda

Price Range For Honda Activa Smart Key

Honda has revealed the price of the Activa H-Smart in India, which is Rs 80,537, as well as an increase in the price of the Activa 6G, which is 74,536 for the standard model and 77,000 for the Delux model. Both varieties’ prices have risen by 1200/- ruppes. 


The Honda Activa was already popular in Japan and other countries. So Honda and Hero launched the legandry scooter in their joint venture on May 8, 2009. Activa came with a 109-cc engine, which is affordable yet fuel-efficient for Indian buyers.

After that, Honda split with Hero in 2013 and started selling it alone. The Honda company has more focus on its very popular scooter, the Activa. So Honda has made some changes to its two scooters with the same name, one lighter and one more powerful. The Activa-i debuted in 2013 with a 110 cc (6.7 cu in) engine, and the Activa 125 debuted in 2014 with a 125 cc (7.6 cu in) engine. Activa-5G in 2018.

Honda has now upgraded it to the sixth generation with the Launch Activa 6G. The price for this particular model was 63,000/-. But with so many government “BS” norms, the scooter gets expensive yet fuel-efficient too.

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